NFT Drops

Channel your inner driver.

Onchain bus rides. On the Polygon blockchain.

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You need a Bus Ticket in order to Ride the Bus

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Every level presents more routes than the last. Only one route will make it to the final destination. Choose wisely.

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By selecting a route, you redeem your Bus Ticket for a seat on the bus. You will receive a Ticket Stub NFT with proof of seat and bus fare paid.

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Buses leave the station every 6 hours. Only one route per level makes it safely to the final destination

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If you survived the journey, you can level up to the next round or bail and take some dough. If your bus didn't make it, you have one last shot in the Last Chance Raffle

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Tokenized Transit Union

Channel your inner bus driver

Ride the Bus is about to hit the Blockchain

Ride the Bus brings a whole new level of innovation to the world of NFT collections. The aesthetic captures the essence of urban mobility, nostalgia, cypherpunk, and artistic expression. A diverse collection of 4545 one-of-a-kind buses, each meticulously crafted with intricate details and imaginative designs, all via Midjourney Artifical Inteligence.
Powered by the verifiable randomness generation capabilities of Supra, the protocol ensures transparency, security, and provenance for every digital asset, allowing collectors to truly own and showcase their prized bus NFTs.

🚌4545 unique Buses

  • Over 50 million prompts were generated.
  • Of these, 15,000 were randomly selected to generate the bus art.
  • From these, 4545 were hand selected to be minted.

🚍Purchase price goes to the protocol, not the devs

The purchase price of a bus will be used to incentivize the growth of the protocol via the Ride the Bus Challenge. When people play the game, rewards are distributed back to Bus owners.

🚐Protocol Earned

Bus owners earn a share of the profit generated by the protocol. When the protocol profits, so do the bus owners.



BusBusBus owners earn protocol rewardsView Contract
Initial mint
  • 4,545 Buses
  • 45 Matic each. Subject to change
  • No maximum
  • No team allocation
  • No whitelist
  • No dutch auction
  • All proceeds from Bus sales go directly back into the protocol as incentives to seed higher levels in the game.
  • Revenue generated from these levels is returned to Bus owners via the Bus Staking Pool.
Owning a Bus gives you exclusive membership into the Tokenized Transit UnionThe Union is an alliance of bus owners who must ardue the treacherous conditions, put their drivers and heavy duty machinery in harms way, to transport our degen passengers.
Protocol generated revenue goes to Bus ownersBus owners can own and stake multiple buses. The more buses you own, the more revenue you earn.
A Bus derives its value from the health of the protocolDirectly correlated to the popularity of riding the bus, it has real utility that can be viewed and tracked on chain.
Bus TicketBus TicketAn ERC1155 NFT that can be redeemed for a seat on a bus.View Contract
The only tickets for sale by the Station are Level One ticketsThe only way to buy a <i>Bus Ticket</i> (aside from secondary markets like OpenSea), is The Station
Level One Bus Tickets cost $5 WMATIC eachA five pack is discounted 5%
Higher level Bus Tickets are earned by playing the gameAdvancing rounds earns higher level Bus Tickets which can be used to continue playing the game or sold on secondary marketplaces
Ticket StubTicket StubERC721 NFT that can be redeemed for a seat on a bus.View Contract
When you board a bus, you go through the process of
  • Choosing a route
  • Burning a Bus Ticket
  • Receiving a Ticket Stub with verification of your seat on the bus
Multiple TeamsCreate multiple teams for different workflows, environments and teams within your Organization. We set an Org-wide cap at 10k recordings / month and up to 100 users / developers.
Test SuitesWe offer custom integrations with your e2e test runner and CI/CD pipeline e.g. Playwright, Cypress. Add Replay to CI, upload Replay for test failures to record and debug flaky tests.
Single sign on authenticationReplay handles authentication with Google SSO by default. Additional identity providers and authentication protocols of your choice are available e.g Okta.

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