NFT Drops

Ride the Bus

The game where each level unlocks new challenges and rewards, all on the decentralized Polygon blockchain.


Brace yourself for a dynamic blockchain adventure where every decision counts!

The Nuts & Bolts

And the wheels and axles

Avatar? Let's BUS.

While it seems apes and punks rule the PFP interwebs, we believe there is a space for bus owners to carve out our niche.

Owning a Bus gives you exclusive membership into the Tokenized Transit Union, an alliance of bus owners who must ardue the treacherous conditions, put their drivers and heavy duty machinery in harms way, to transport our degen passengers.


Several buses depart. Only one makes it to the destination.

Every level presents more routes than the last. Only one route will make it to the final destination. Choose wisely.

Buses leave the station every 6 hours. How far can you ride?


We're just getting started!

The game feeds into the collection, and the collection feeds into the game.

Proceeds from the initial NFT mint will be used to seed later levels in the game to promote gameplay.

As long as the Polygon blockchain is online, the game is running. Buses never stop driving! This helps foster longeveity as the community grows.


Tokenized Transit Union

Channel your inner bus driver

4,545 buses

Limited edition. Each bus is unique.

Accessible to all

No whitelist. No team allocation. No dutch auction. No maximum.

Proceeds go to the protocol

Proceeds from Bus sales go back into the protocol as incentives to seed higher levels in the game.


The number forty five, as in 45 matic per bus. Approachable, yet, ellusive.

Protocol earned liquidity

Revenue generated from the protocol is returned to Bus owners via staking pools.

Real utility

The earnings from gameplay is real utility that can be viewed and tracked on chain.


The object of the game is simple:

Ride the bus as far as you can!


Bus Ticket

You need a Bus Ticket in order to Ride the Bus. Bus Tickets cost 5 WMATIC.


Select your route

Every level presents more routes than the last. Only one route will make it to the final destination. Choose wisely.


All aboard!

Every 6 hours, buses leave the station. Supra VRF calls the protocol to determine the winning paths.


Survivors move on

If you have a seat on the winning route, you move on to the next level. Ride until you die!

How far can you ride?